Masala Chai Spices ~ Health Benefits

Masala Chai Spices

The story goes that the caretaker of the household would brew a blend of masala chai spices and other local medicinal plant roots, barks and seeds as a tonic to stay healthy through the changing seasons.(seasonal change = expansion and contraction of our bodies and are times of detox etc..)

Masala Chai Spices may be useful for adapting to life’s constant flux and seasonal movements. As well as being a wonderful warming rich and naturally stimulating beverage with out caffeine up’s and down’s.

Chai Spices have traditional been celebrated in india for there numerous health benefits such as:

helping treating colds, flu’s, stomach ailments, digestive problems, lung issues and other common ailments.

Energetics :

Chai spices are usually hot, dry, light & penetrating, with exception to fennel seed

Cardamom pods:

Digestive & libido stimulant, increases absorption, detox, stimulates the mind, enhances clarity & joy

Ginger root:

Rejuvenative, digestive stimulant, Increases: absorption, circulation,detox, reduces headache, mental tension, congestion, fever, cramping and inflammation

Cinnamon Bark:

Cardiac tonic, Enhances: libido, digestion, circulation, detox, memory & attention, Relieves: congestion, fever, headaches and arthritis, Regulates: menstruation cycle and cramping, antioxidant

Fennel Seed:

Cooling, Calms nerves & tension, Enhances: digestion, clarity & alertness, Relieves: cramping, gas, bloating, cough, nausea & vomiting, Increases: menstruation and lactation

Clove Buds:

Enhances: libido, digestion, detox relieves: pain, nausea, sore throat, cough, fever and candida, Anti: bacterial & fungal


Pain reliever, increase circulation, protects the gastrointestinal system, improve mood, boosts the immune system, eliminates fungal infections, lower blood pressure, and reduces inflammation.

Cayenne pepper:

Stimulates: circulation, digestion & absorption, detox, Anti: parasitic & fungal, Relieves: pain, congestion, gas & fever

Nutmeg nut:

Reduces: anxiety, tension, pain and congestion, relaxes: muscles, cardiac tonic, increases libido

Black pepper:

Increases digestion, circulation & metabolism, detox, Relieves: coughs, congestion & gas.

Our Masala Chai Elixir’s are inspired by the ancient roots of how chai was traditionally prepared for at least 5 to 9 thousand years , as a restorative and tonifying Ayurvedic elixir, before the introduction of caffeinated tea leaves from the english. Masala Chai was brewed with locally gathered Tonic and medicinal herbs.

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