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ADAPTOGENIC Herbs & Mushrooms

Adaptogenic Herbs & Mushrooms Modern herbal remedies ~ rooted in ancient traditions What are these herbs all about? Adaptogenic herbs and Mushrooms are a specific class of herbs that are gaining a lot of popularity and attention in the natural health movement. Adaptogenic herbs are known to provide our bodies and minds with many beneficial […]

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Masala Chai Spices ~ Health Benefits

Masala Chai Spices The story goes that the caretaker of the household would brew a blend of masala chai spices and other local medicinal plant roots, barks and seeds as a tonic to stay healthy through the changing seasons.(seasonal change = expansion and contraction of our bodies and are times of detox etc..) Masala Chai […]

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Perras Petals Product Review

This year, my favorite goes for a small company in Quebec, Cowansville: Amour Toniques. Julian Patrick Griffin is the co-creator. Dad, herbalist, permaculturist, holistic chef, he traveled to Hawaii to meet and work with renowned permaculturists with agroforestry projects and an immense collection of plants. After working with these various medicinal plants, this only reinforced […]

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Herbs We Love and Infuse into our elixirs!

Here is a List of the herbs and mushrooms we Love! Ayurvedic Herbs & Spices: Ashwaganda Root: Energy, rejuvenating adaptogen, nerve tonic, immune restorative *not when pregnant Tulsi Leaf **(holy basil): Builds energy, uplifting adaptogen, well-being sensation Turmeric Root: Circulation, purifies blood, powerful antioxidant, tri dosha tonic Gota Kola Leafs: Rejuvenation nervine, anxiety relief, beauty […]

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What Is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga is a highly values medicinal mushroom that grows on birch tree’s in the northern boreal forest around our devine mother earth. It has been honored and consumed through out the world for it’s delicous coffee like flavor and adaptive anti-Cancer properties (which have been scientifically validated). Chaga’s Health Benefits • Adaptogenic (increases resistance to […]

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Cacao as Medicine? What Is Cacao? Is It really a superfood?

Cacao as medicine and Cacao Beans potential health benefits The raw Cacao bean is a Superstar of the “superfoods” due to its high mineral content and wide array of unique properties. And may be exceptionally high in chromium, iron, theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, Omega-6 fatty acids and also One of the highest foods […]

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