OM SHANTI CHAGA ~ Instant Chaga Mushroom & Superfood Masal Chai


OM SHANTI CHAGA ~ Instant Chaga Mushroom & Superfood Masal Chai

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~Instant Masala Chai Elixir ready in seconds, Just add hot liquid!

~Great for your adventurous Life on the go, camping, traveling etc..

~Have your Masala Chai and support your Immunity at the same time!

Warming Chai spice's (Cardamom,Ginger, Cinnamon) infused with immune supportive Chaga Mushroom, Lucuma fruit, Clove buds

*all ingredients are organic and ethically sourced ;)

How to Make:

1.) Add 1 tsp. chai (add more for stronger)

2.) to 8 oz hot water & or milk

3.) add sweetener of choice

4.) Stir & enjoy ;)

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Adaptogenic ~ Tonifying ~ Naturally Stimulating Infused with Tonifying Botanicals, Nourishing Superfoods and Warming Spices!

Raw ~ Organic ~ Fair trade ~ Vegan ~ Paleo ~ Gluten free ~ Dairy free ~ Gmo Free ~ Soy free ~ Nut free ~ Sugar free ~ Caffeine free ~Wild Gathered~ Made With Love & Gratitude!


Cardamom pods, Ginger root, Cinnamon bark, Chaga Mushroom , Lucuma fruit, Clove Buds


How to Use

Enjoy as a hot or chilled drink,

add to a superfood chai blend,botanical hot chocolate, Coffee blends (dirty chai) ,mixed with herbal tea infusions, in smoothies, puddings, baking ,soups or as a topping ect . We invite you to experiment creatively!

Instant Preparation Instructions:

Heat 1/2 cup (4 oz.) of water and ½ cup (4oz) milk

Add 1 Tsp. of chai (add more to taste) & heated water to a blender or shaker

Blend or shake until smooth

Sweeten to taste

For a extra creamy richness try adding some coconut oil and mix in the blender till frothy.

For a Stronger infusion try:

Simmer ½ cup spring water& ½ cup milk of choice.

Add 1 teaspoon of Chai (or more for stronger).

Simmer for 3 minutes or more (for stronger).

Strain and add your sweetener of choice if desired.

For a extra creamy richness try adding some coconut oil and mix in the blender till frothy.

Our Masala Chai Elixir is a blissful blend of warming Masala Chai spices. Which can be added instantly to hot or cold beverages, smoothies ect. Now anywhere you are you can easily integrate more tonic herbs and super foods in to your life practice in a super delicious way.

Our Chai Tonic Elixirs are inspired by the roots of how Masala chai was traditionally prepared for at least 5 to 9 thousand years ,as a restorative and tonifying Auravedic beverage.

We Gratefully offer our Masala Chaga Chai Elixir as traditionally done in India since antiquity, The story goes that the caretaker of the household would brew a blend of masala chai spices and other local medicinal plant roots, barks and seeds as a tonic to stay healthy through the changing seasons of life.

Masala Chai's potential health benefits and Ingredient information.

Masala Chai Spices are useful for adapting to life's various changes as well as being a wonderful warming rich naturally stimulating beverage with out caffeine. Our Golden Chai Tonic Elixir is an amazing daily delicious medicine that acts as a:

Tonifying preventive for balance in Mind~Body~Spirit,

Also helps in treating colds, flu's, stomach ailments, digestive problems, lung issues and other common ailments.

Masala Chai spices

Anti inflammatory


Supports healthy digestion

Boost Immune system,

Healthy circulation

Natural herbal stimulant without caffeine.


Aids digestion

Improves circulation

Boost immune system,



Aids digestion

Boost immune system

Detoxes the body

Improves circulation

Relieves respiratory allergies


Aids digestion,

Helps balances blood sugar

Anti inflammatory

Anti bacterial,

Anti oxidant