FLOWING ~ Amazonian Superfood Hot Chocolate FLUIDITÉ - Plantes Amazoniennes & Superaliments Chocolat Chaud


FLOWING ~ Amazonian Superfood Hot Chocolate FLUIDITÉ - Plantes Amazoniennes & Superaliments Chocolat Chaud

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100g ~ 5 dark rich cups ~ $14.95

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~Instant Superfood Drinking Chocolate ready in seconds, Just add hot liquidand shake!

~Great for an adventurous Life in the flow, camping, traveling, ceremony etc..

~Have your Drinking Chocolate and support your Immunity at the same time!

Ecuadorian Heirloom Cacao Bean paste & butter infused with Cat's Claw Bark, Pau d'arco Bark, Guarana Beans, Guayusa Leaves, Maca root, Lucuma Fruit, Vanilla beans, Cayenne Peppers, Sweetened with Maple and Coconut tree Sugar.......

*all ingredients are organic and ethically sourced ;)

How to Make:

1.) Add 2 tbl. Chocolate (add more for stronger)

2.) to 6 oz hot water & or milk

3.) add extra sweetener of choice (*if desired)

4.) Blend in a blender or shake in a Jar till smooth & enjoy ;)


*** Precaution: When Shaking in a mason Jar: add ingredients into the jar, tighten the lid and shake 1-2 time. Then open the lid to release air pressure in the jar. Next re tighten the jar lid and shake until smooth and pour;)






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FLOWING ~ Amazonian Superfood Drinking Chocolate

Ecuadorian Heirloom cacao beans infused with nourishing super foods, tonic & adaptogenic herbs and spices.

80% Wild Cacao ~ 20% Botanical's

“Chocolate is an ideal vehicle & catalyst for your daily dose of herbal and fungal medicine.”

How to use

Enjoy as a hot or chilled drink, as a mocha, Add to herbal tea infusions, milks, smoothies, puddings, baking ,super mole sauce, melt and dip fruit or ?, as a topping or by the handful. We encourage your brilliant creativity when preparing your custom elixir blends and foods!

Super Hot chocolate Preparation Instructions:

1 cup recipe:

1.) Heat ½ cup of water (or herbal tea) and ½ cup milk (milk of choice).

2.) Put in Blender (or shaker) and add 2 Tbsp. of chocolate mix (add more for a stronger experience).

3.) Blend or shake until smooth and frothy.

4.) Add more natural sweetener if desired.

5.) *Extra Option: For extra richness add 1 tbsp. of coconut Ghee or butter.


Our Instant Hot chocolate elixirs are a treasured symphony of rich experience and vital nourishment that your body mind and spirit can feel. We are proud to introduce to you our Ceremonial Cacao elixir “Hot Chocolate”, which is inspired by the traditional way Cacao Beans have been celebrated since antiquity. Our Hot Chocolate elixir drink blends include the highest quality botanical ingredients available, through direct trade, fair trade and organic sources exclusively! Our direct sourced wild raw Ecuadorian heirloom cacao beans are Carefully infused with nourishing superfoods, tonic and adaptogenic herbs, medicinal Mushrooms and spices. We only source from companies that are thriving to be as Transparent, Ecologically conscious and proactive as possible.

**Our Cacao Quality**

Our Botanical Chocolates and Hot Chocolate Elixirs are exclusively crafted with the treasured raw, stone ground, wild Ecuadorian Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao. Grown in the mineral rich volcanic soils in the high Andean mountains of Ecuador. The deep old growth roots are tapped into pure mountain springs and are naturally irrigated by mystic mountain rains.

The fully mature ripe pods are hand picked from 30 to 80 years old wild Cacao trees. All the people’s from the harvesters to us are apart of a direct trade exchange network, where each person is compensated above fair trade standards.

Each batch of our cacao is lab tested for mycotoxins, mold, yeast, and fungus by our distributor in Canada!

These toxins are pervasive in many chocolate and coffee product’s on the market, and is a potential cause of the “Jitteriness” adrenal response, brain fog, and many other side effects.

Thank you for voting with your values and dollars for a more Healthy communities and thriving Earth.

For your awareness -Unfortunately much of the cacao beans, chocolates and hot chocolates on the market are highly over stimulating with sugar, low quality and contaminated (Potentially toxic) ingredients and also sourced from exploited and disrespected people and lands.

**Ingredient Information**

Maca Root (Peruvian Ginseng)~ Adds a malty Caramel earthy flavor. Maca is a energizing natural stimulant, Aphrodisiac, improves fertility and helps balance hormones.

Lucuma fruit (Incan Gold)~ Adds a creamy caramel flavor and texture to chocolate, while helping to emulsify fats and sugar together. Adds antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And is a low glycemic sweetener , also it’s high in fiber and protein.

Vanilla Orchid Beans~ have been known to be feminine and cacao masculine creating a juicy flavorful companionship while adding a irresistible warming perfume. Vanilla beans have been prepared with cacao since ancient times, and Vanilla adds a medicinal and romantic aphrodisiac essence.

Himalayan Mountain Salt~ Enhances and catalyzes flavor and nutrient absorption. Highly mineralized, also helps the body retain water and helps calm over stimulation.

***Cacao as medicine (Cacao Beans potential health benefits:)***

The raw Cacao bean is a Superstar of the “superfoods” due to its high mineral content and wide array of unique properties. And may be exceptionally high in chromium, iron, theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, Omega-6 fatty acids and also:

~One of the highest foods in antioxidants – (which protect us from oxidation and degeneration)

~High in Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes, Phytonutrients and neurotransmitters

~Contains over 300 phytochemicals (one of the most complex botanical's studied in science)

~One of the highest foods in magnesium

~Prebiotic (helps proliferate beneficial bacteria in our gut= brain gut access health)

~MAO (monoamine oxydase) Inhibitor (allows more medicine to enter the body)

~Enhances healthy regulation of blood sugar

~Tonifies the three treasures in the Chinese medicine system – Jing – Essence, Qi – Energy, Shen- Spirit

~Heart tonic, circulation and overall inspired bliss state of being

~Contains Neurotransmitters including

Tryptophan- an amino-acid precursor (our internal intelligent communication system)

Serotonin- well being

    Melatonin- calming

    Dopamine- pleasure

    Anandamide – Blissful feeling

    DMT – heightened attentiveness

    Tryptamines- mind altering states

    PEA – Love Chemical, Romantic euphoria

“refocusing our relationship from chocolate as a sweet or candy, back to a revered potent botanical medicine!”

Wild Cacao may carry novel information and complex phytochemical’s, impart by the pristine ecosystems they grow and the respectful care and intentions they are shown.

With an intentional focus and balanced consumption, Cacao can open us up into blissful states of being were healing therapies may take place. Cacao offers a rich and clear stimulating effect. At the same time, offering a calming contented bliss feeling, inviting us to a ceremonial state of being. Helping us to connect with others and ourselves in deep intentional ways.

**Botanical Chocolate!**

Cacao is a very effective vehicle and catalyst for delivering tonifying, regenerative, adaptogenic ,medicinal mushrooms and botanicals. Cacao acts as a vasodilator (which expands blood vessels) and naturally increases the effectiveness and absorption of other infused ingredients.

“what a blessing to have our daily dose of medicine in a blissful flavorful magical experience!

Chocolate is an ideal vehicle for delivering plant and fungal medicines into your body, here’s two reasons:

People will eat and praise their "herbal & fungal medicine" with committed dedication when infused in delicious chocolate. Chocolate is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, and helps deliver the botanical medicine into the body very effectively and efficiently.

**Cacao’s Traditional Use!**

As traditionally prepared by our ancestors in the south, we are honoring their wise ways! By preparing the cacao beans in there minimally processed divine form. For thousands of years and currently, cacao has been and is prepared as a drink, containing ground cacao beans, liquid and various herbs and spices for ceremony, healing and celebrations.

Amour Toniques is very grateful for the opportunity to be blessed with access to these sacred plant and fungal medicines from far away lands of our loving Pacha Mama, We are honored and very privileged to be able to offer these potent botanical and fungal gifts with Love and Appreciation to you.

"We invite you to enjoy with your unique loving Intentions!"