Superfoods, Tonic Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms & Spices We Use

Ayurvedic Herbs & Spices:

Ashwaganda Root: Energy, rejuvenating adaptogen, nerve tonic, immune restorative *not when pregnant

Tulsi Leaf **(holy basil): Builds energy, uplifting adaptogen, well-being sensation

Turmeric Root: Circulation, purifies blood, powerful antioxidant, tri dosha tonic

Gota Kola Leafs: Rejuvenative nervine, anxiety relief, beauty tonic

Shilajit Resin: 85 trace minerals, enhances memory & concentration


South American Herbs & Superfoods:

Cacao Beans:**(heirloom,wild,organic,raw) High magnesium & Trace minerals, #1 Potent Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Mood Enhancer, Vasodilator,over 300 phyto chemicals.

Coffee Beans: antioxidants, mood enhancer, mineral rich

Maca Root: Adaptive vigor & energy, fertility, aphrodisiac

Lucuma Fruit: Antioxidant, minerals, probiotic, low glycemic natural creamy sweetener

Macuna Beans: Increases dopamine (15% L-Dopa), fertility & regulates women's cycle, respiratory System

Guayusa Leaf: High Antioxidants (polyphenols), high minerals , 15 essential amino acids, detox blood, kidney function

Guarana Seed: Energy, enhances sexual desire, relieves headaches, joint & back pain

Pau d’Arco: Immune tonic, Anti: viral, parasitic, bacterial & fungal, liver support, releives skin conditions

Cat’s Claw: Immune tonic, Anti- inflammatory, viral, fungal, parasites, kidney detox, relieves arthritis

Vanilla Beans: Aphrodisiac, nervous system tonic, minerals & enzymes


Honey (organic, wild, raw, unfiltered): Adaptogenic nectar rich in minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, enzymes, High vibrational superfood of our local ecosystem!

Maple Sugar: Local wild food, high in minerals and vitamins, Promotes a healthy heart and immune system, antioxidants, low glycemic index

Coconut Palm Sugar: High in minerals and vitamins, prebiotic, low glycemic index

Chinese Tonic Herbs (& Asian)

Astragalus Root: Adaptogen, Tonifies: qi, blood, adrenal & immunity, anti viral & bacterial

Fo-Ti (ho shou wu) : anti-bacterial, depressant & viral, immune & kidney tonic, rejuvenative, restorative

Licorice Root: Adaptogen,anti arthritic,inflammatory, chi tonic, aphrodisiac

Goji Berry: Longevity, liver, kidney & blood tonic, nutritive, rejuvenative

Gynostemma Leafs: Adaptogen, anti: aging & inflammatory, digestive Orange peel: Aphrodisiac, stomach qi, invigorates spleen

North American Herbs & Superfoods

Stinging Nettle: Rich minerals & chlorophyll, kidney Tonic, Supports: endocrine & neurological system, Relieves: inflammation, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps and bloating

Dandelion Root: Liver tonic, builds blood, Detox, digestive aid, vita-minerals

Burdock Root: Immune health, detoxify liver, balance hormones, improves skin health, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure.

Chicory Root: Boost immune system, detoxify: liver, gallbladder and kidney, natural sedative Relieves: arthritis, digestion issues, heartburn

St John's Wort Flowers: Nervous system soothing & uplifting, relieves anxiety, Anti inflammatory

Juniper Berry: improve digestion, anti microbial & fungal, antioxidant *not when pregnant or nursing

Rosehips: boost immune, circulatory, digestive system, high vit-c

Horse Tail: boost immune, detox, anti-inflammatory, high silica, boosts cognition, supports healthy hair & bones

Raspberry leaf: Purifies blood & skin, menstruation support, antioxidant, minerals, relaxes system

Oat Straw: increases energy & vigor, soothes digestive track



**Matcha Tea:** Relaxing energy booster, high antioxidants (polyphenols), anti bacterial & viral, cardiovascular & gastrointestinal health

Black tea: Antioxidants, immune support, digestive aid, lifts spirit


Medicinal Mushrooms:


Superfood Adaptogens for the Immune system!

Enhance Adaptation, Immunity, Gut Health, Circulation etc. Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus): Nervous system, cognitive brain functions, nerve growth factor in the brain

Turkey Tail / Coriolus (Trametes versicolor): Antioxidant, pain relief, digestion & liver health

Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris): Powerful aphrodisiac, adrenal & respiratory support, nourishing lungs & kidneys, aphrodisiac

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus): Adaptogen, gut health, anti oxidant & inflammatory, Liver & skin tonic

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum): Adaptogen, calms nerves, immune, liver & kidney tonic



**(mostly all are Energetically hot, dry, light & penetrating)

Cardamom pods: Digestive & libido stimulant, increases absorption, detox, stimulates the mind, enhances clarity & joy

Ginger root: Rejuvenative, digestive stimulant, Increases: absorption, circulation,detox, reduces headache, mental tension, congestion, fever, cramping and inflammation

Cinnamon Bark: Cardiac tonic, Enhances: libido, digestion, circulation, detox, memory & attention, Relieves: congestion, fever, headaches and arthritis, Regulates: menstruation cycle and cramping, antioxydant

Fennel Seed: Cooling, Calms nerves & tension, Enhances: digestion, clarity & alertness, Relieves: cramping, gas, bloating, cough, nausea & vomiting, Increases: menstruation and lactation

Clove Buds: Enhances: libido, digestion, detox relieves: pain, nausea, sore throat, cough, fever and candida, Anti: bacterial & fungal

Allspice: Pain reliever, increase circulation, protects the gastrointestinal system, improve mood, boosts the immune system, eliminates fungal infections, lower blood pressure, and reduces inflammation.

Cayenne pepper: Stimulates: circulation, digestion & absorption, detox, Anti: parasitic & fungal, Relieves: pain, congestion, gas & fever

Nutmeg nut: Reduces: anxiety, tension, pain and congestion, relaxes: muscles, cardiac tonic, increases libido

Black pepper: Increases digestion, circulation & metabolism, detox, Relieves: coughs, congestion & gas.

To cultivate long lasting health benefits from superfoods, tonic & adaptogen herbs and mushrooms. Use often, as they work most effectively with accumulative use over long periods of time.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. These product or Information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and are for educational purposes.

Tonic? Adaptogen? Superfood? Elixir? A List of Medical & Health Terms Demystified!

Here is a small list (in progress;) to help you understand the herbal worlds terminology about specific qualities of Plant's and Fungi. This list will be added to often as it is a great reference for learning and teaching. I hope you benefit from this!

Ton•ic (ˈtɒn ɪk) -

  1. a medicine that invigorates or strengthens.
  2. a medicinal preparation intended to improve and strengthen the functioning of the body or increase the feeling of wellbeing
  3. anything that enlivens or strengthens

Tonic Herbs - Herbs that work to boost and nourish deep energy that is long lasting and life supporting. They are not “Stimulants” in the traditional sense of the word, as they do not contain caffeine.

E·lix·ir [əˈliksər] from Arabic : الإكسير - al-'iksīr - 1.) magical or medicinal potion 2.) a preparation supposedly able to prolong life indefinitely Superfoods - A nutrient rich food considered to be especially benificial for optimum health and well being Adaptogen - Increases resistance to stress. Rejuvenative - Renews body, mind & spirit; slows aging process. Nervine - Calms/nourishes the nerves; relieves tension. Nutritive - Supplies multitude of nutrients that build & tone. Sedative - Promotes soothing, quieting, tranquilizing effect. Antioxidant - Protects cells, tissues, organs from free radical damage. Anti-inflammatory - Protects cells, tissues, organs from free radical damage. Immune stimulant - Enhances body’s ability to fight illness & disease. Liver tonic - Strengthens/nourishes the liver. Vasodilator - Expands blood vessels/lowers blood pressure. Detoxifier - Removes toxins from tissues, organs & blood. Anti-Aging- Promotes longevity and youthfulness. Antiviral - Inhibits viral replication. Astringent - Tightens/tones tissues and dries secretions.
Neutral - Can be used by anyone suffering from excessive heat or coldness. Analgesic - Relieves pain. Antibacterial - Suppresses/combats growth of bacteria. Hepatoprotective - Protects liver from dietary/environmental toxins.
Liver tonic - Strengthens/nourishes the liver.
Kidney tonic - Strengthens/nourishes the kidneys. Blood tonic - Strengthen/nourishes the blood. Blood cleanser - Cleanses/purifies the blood. Heart tonic - Strengthens/nourishes the heart. Cardiotonic - Strengthens and protects the heart. Beauty tonic - Restores beauty; promotes youthfulness
Brain tonic - Strengthens/nourishes the brain. Antispasmodic - Eases/prevents muscle spasms & cramps. Diuretic - Decreases excess water/increases urine output. Emmenagogue - Stimulates menstruation. Hypotensive - Lowers blood pressure. Antineoplastic - Reduces growth/proliferation of malignant cells. Cooling - Balances conditions associated with excessive heat. Expectorant - Promotes discharge of mucous from respiratory passages
Antiseptic - Prevents bacterial growth; inhibits pathogens. Demulcent - Softens & soothes inflamed/irritated tissues. Hemostatic - Arrests bleeding or hemorrhaging. Hypoglycemic - Lowers blood sugar levels. Hypotensive - Lowers blood pressure. Laxative - Stimulates bowel function & elimination. Warm - Balances conditions associated with excessive coldness. Decongestant - Decreases swelling and congestion. Magnesium - is known to support healthy digestion and detoxification, as well as a healthy cardiovascular system.

What Is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga is a highly values medicinal mushroom that grow's on birch tree's in the northern boreal forest around our devine mother earth. It has been honored and consumed through out the world for it's delicous coffee like flavor and adaptive anti-Cancer properties (which have been scientifically validated).

Chaga’s Health Benefits

• Adaptogenic (increases resistance to stress)

• Immune modulation (balances immune system)

• Immune tonic (nourishes/strengthens immune system)

• High antioxidant content

• Nervine (calms/nourishes the nerves; relieves tension)

• Anti – stress (promotes peace of mind)

• Anti-Cancer (induces apoptosis- the spontaneous breakdown of cancer cells)

• Blood purifier

• Liver purification and detoxification

• Improves circulation

• Blood sugar balancer

• Anti hyperglycemic

• Anti viral (flu, herpes, HIV, hepatitis)

• Anti parasitic (removes certain types of parasitic worms)

• Cardio protectant

• Intestinal protection (good against colitis, gastritis, digestive inflammation)

• Anti-inflammatory

• Anti-mutagenic

• Anti-allergenic

• Anti-bacterial

• Analgesic (removes pain)

• Anodyne (soothes pain

• Anti-tumor

• Can help repair damaged DNA

• Kidney tonic

• Promotes balanced Hormones

• Anti-platelet aggregative effects (disperses clumped red blood cells)

• Anti-lipid peroxidative (protects fats from oxidation or loss of electrons)

• Anti-nociceptive (reduces sensitivity to painful stimuli)

• Lowers harmful LDL (cholesterol)

*Honored as “the king of mushrooms” in Siberian shamanism.

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients

Vitamins- B2 & D2

Major Minerals- Calcium, cesium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, rubidium, sulfur)

Trace Minerals- Antimony, copper, boron, zinc, selenium, chromium, germanium, manganese, barium, bismuth

Nutrients- Polysaccharides(betagucans, protein-bound xylogalactoglucans etc.) Poly phenols, sterols, inotodiols, triterpenoildal saponins, melanin, butilin/butulinic acid



Cacao as Medicine? What Is Cacao? Is It really a superfood?

Cacao as medicine (Cacao Beans potential health benefits:)

The raw Cacao bean is a Superstar of the “superfoods” due to its high mineral content and wide array of unique properties. And may be exceptionally high in chromium, iron, theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, Omega-6 fatty acids and also:

~One of the highest foods in antioxidants – (which protect us from oxidation and degeneration)

~High in Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes, Phytonutrients and neurotransmitters

~Contains over 300 phytochemicals (one of the most complex botanical's studied in science)

~One of the highest foods in magnesium

~Prebiotic (helps proliferate beneficial bacteria in our gut= brain gut access health)

~MAO (monoamine oxydase) Inhibitor (allows more medicine to enter the body)

~Enhances healthy regulation of blood sugar

~Tonifies the three treasures in the Chinese medicine system – Jing – Essence, Qi – Energy, Shen- Spirit

~Heart tonic, circulation and overall inspired bliss state of being

~Contains Neurotransmitters including

Tryptophan- an amino-acid precursor (our internal                     intelligent communication system)

        Serotonin- well being

        Melatonin- calming

        Dopamine- pleasure

        Anandamide – Blissful feeling

        DMT – heightened attentiveness

        Tryptamines- mind altering states

        PEA – Love Chemical, Romantic euphoria

“refocusing our relationship from chocolate as a sweet or candy, back to a revered potent botanical medicine!”

Wild Cacao may carry novel information and complex phytochemical’s, impart by the pristine ecosystems they grow and the respectful care and intentions they are shown.

With an intentional focus and balanced consumption, Cacao can open us up into blissful states of being were healing therapies may take place. Cacao offers a rich and clear stimulating effect. At the same time, offering a calming contented bliss feeling, inviting us to a ceremonial state of being. Helping us to connect with others and ourselves in deep intentional ways.

**Botanical Chocolate!**

Cacao is a very effective vehicle and catalyst for delivering tonifying, regenerative, adaptogenic ,medicinal mushrooms and botanicals. Cacao acts as a vasodilator (which expands blood vessels) and naturally increases the effectiveness and absorption of other infused ingredients.

“what a blessing to have our daily dose of medicine in a blissful flavorful magical experience!

Chocolate is an ideal vehicle for delivering plant and fungal medicines into your body, here’s two reasons:

People will eat and praise their "herbal & fungal medicine" with committed dedication when infused in delicious chocolate.
Chocolate is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, and helps deliver the botanical medicine into the body very effectively and efficiently.
Amour Toniques - Ceremonial Hot Chocolate Cacao Elixir

Amour Toniques - Ceremonial Hot Chocolate Cacao Elixir

Introduction Our Amour Toniques Blog!

Aloha Beautiful Souls!

It has been a long time coming for me to co-create a blog space. With the mission of sharing one page summerized solution based blogs about topics including:

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