Our story

Aloha beautiful people!


I’m Julian Patrick Griffin a loving super papa, herbalist, permaculturist, holistic personal Chef and now the co-creator of Amour Toniques ~Botanical Elixirs, with my supportive Tribe!

I grew up in northern California living close to gardening, farming and nature. When I was 17 I moved to San Francisco for a couple years and attended the California culinary academy and worked in some 3 star fine dining restaurants, eventually this took me to the mystical Islands of Hawaii to work in some resorts and eventually into holistic Personal Chefing.

Presently I’m building my nest and family in Quebec Canada!

While in Hawaii, I was very fortunate to meet, live and work with some world class permaculture educators/visionaries that had unbelievable agroforestry projects and mega diverse ethno botanical plant and cactus collections. Through these direct experiences, learning, propagating, concocting diverse edible, medicinal and psychoactive plants from exotic ecosystems of the world. I found my path working with these treasured intelligent plant and fungal medicines as they helped to and continue to re- mystify my vision and perceptions of nature’s intelligence, abundance and humble generosity.

Since that time I have really dug deep into many integrative herbal traditions, and also have been wildcrafting, cultivating and infusing many diverse herb's tinto gourmet medicinal foods and Elixirs.

Through my own personal trials of adrenal depletion, chronic fatigue, as well as connectingwith countless others that are in the same boat. (Reasons are potentially from moving too fast, un-integrated thoughts, info,  emotions, caffeine and/or drugs,  all in all a unbalanced lifestyle practice). So through the many years of researching and experimenting with many different botanical's and medicinal mushrooms, I feel I've identified the crème de la crème of adrenal supporting, rejuvenating, tonifying ,adaptogenic and nourishing botanicals and Mushrooms.

Including Medicinal mushrooms,  Andean and Amazonian super foods and tonic herbs, Ayurveda "rasayana" Tonic herbs, Chinese tonic herbs, Visionary botanical's, wild crafted and medicinal botanicals and mushrooms, exotic spices, pure essential oils, aromatic teas, low glycemic mineral rich tree nectar sweeteners!  

Revolutionizing Cafe Culture One Cup At A Time! Infusing the worlds favorite drinks with Immune supportive botanicals & medicinal mushrooms!

My Personal mission with Amour Toniques is to infuse these treasured medicines in soulful and delicious instant elixir blends that are fast ,easy and super delicious. Replacing highly over stimulating and sweetened beverages with the highest quality ingredients that are immune supportive.

As well as empowering educational information aboutthe traditional usages, potential health benefits, origins etc...  As well as creative recipes idea's to infuse these nourishing and tonifying botanicals and Mushroom treasures into our lives for more energy, Immunity, adaptability & clarity in our Mind's Body's & Spirit's.

 Our Ingredients are of course exclusively organic, wild crafted, heirloom, shade grown, locally grown, direct trade, fair trade, raw, vegan, gluten free, low glycemic, micro toxin free, low glycemic, paleo.

Our commitment is to cultivate an inspiring eco- responsible  “conscious business”! Amour Toniques has been born out of years of study, experimentation, dedication and Loving collaborations with Friends and Family. Pray fully It continues to be an empowering interface to connect and share these diverse plant medicines with many life loving earthlings.

We are focused on bringing you, joyfully infused Instant botanical elixirs for easy integration into your daily flow, so you too can boost your energy & clarity in a super enjoyable and balanced Juicy way!

With Love & Gratitude

Julian and Family ;)